The Code of Mooncoin
(set of Mooncoin principles, rules, ethics)

…in progress…

1. Mooncoin is a decentralised coin.

2. Mooncoin is an open source project.
3. Mooncoin follows the model of Bitcoin, Proof-of-Work, deflationary coin.
4. Mooncoin project does not belong to anyone.
5. Mooncoin community decides how to develop the project.
6. The indicative, gathering platform to discuss Mooncoin related things, to share ideas and to find the consensus is Mooncoin Bitcointalk ANN thread.
7. Any team  or any dev can develop Mooncoin, however, only in the best interests of community.
8. The community decides which Mooncoin Github source, websites, other resources to use, which dev or team to trust.
9. The community decides which information should represent Mooncoin at well known crypto resources like Coinmarketcap, at exchanges etc.
10. Mooncoin devs or team leaders have no right to represent the Mooncoin community, to decide how to develop Mooncoin – without permission from the community.
11. Mooncoin devs are responsible for their code, however,they don’t own it.
12. Mooncoin devs and teams have no right to ignore the community, interests of investors. They have to respect the community members, to be in touch with community, to listen to opinions of supporters, tech experts, main investors, to keep Mooncoin spirit of freedom, collaboration and mutual understanding, to follow crypto ethics and philosophy of decentralisation.

In the name of peace and progress.